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The FFC Team

Comments from our Practice Members

“Dear Dr. Bria,

I want to let you know how much I appreciate your treatments. Without your help I know I would not be able to ride my horses everyday as I do. I am getting up in age but thanks to your work I feel like I did in college.

I may have to take out an insurance policy on you. Without you I am a goner!!!!!

Thanks and happy trails.”

“Last fall I was moving some patio furniture around the house into the garage and slipped on some wet leaves. The next day I was in terrible pain. I went to the emergency room later in the week. They told me that I took a pretty good spill and to take some alieve and to rest.
I went to see Dr. Bria in 6 weeks I could play with my two boys again and start to do work around the house again. I am grateful for the care I recieved!!”

“Before I started seeing Dr. Bria, I had very sharp pains going up my back and into my head. I also had very bad headaches throughout the day. But now that I have seen Dr. Bria for 3 weeks my headaches have gone away. The sharp pains have gone away and all is well.”

“I have had lower back pain for the last five years, recently it got to the point that is was unbearable. To avoid surgery I came to Fontana Family Chiropractic and after three adjustments I started feeling the effects of chiropractic healing, and now I enjoy pain free days and now I can even ride my motorcycle all day once again. Thanks to Drs. Bria & Griffin”

“Dr. Griffin Checked my blood pressure before my adjustment at 139/90. After my adjustment, and we had been looking at it for a couple of visits, Dr. Griffin adjusted for my blood pressure and it came down to 119/76 in a matter of a couple of minutes. I was shocked but not really suprised either. Chiropractors can do wonderful things and I don’t want to live my life on drugs.”