Health Screenings

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A healthy workforce is a preventative workforce. Screenings provide non-invasive, educational and engaging information that improves health.

Computerized Stress Scans

We utilize state-of-the-art technology that helps our doctors understand the stress on your body’s nervous system and, more importantly, how well your body is handling that stress. Everybody has some stress. However, when left unchecked it is known to be the silent killer. Through early detection, you can get an idea about how well your body is handling stress. Armed with a better understanding, you are empowered to make good health decisions before small warning signs become more serious symptoms.

Posture Analysis

Good posture is a very important part of good mental and physical health. Your posture should be in a relaxed, comfortable, and balanced state—providing you with stability, poise, and energy. Poor posture can have a devastating effect on the health of your spine and nervous system. We perform a postural analysis on all of our practice members to determine if posture is inhibiting their health. If your posture is poor, we can offer tips, techniques, and exercises to help you improve it

Ergonomics Reviews

By designing a job to fit the employee’s biomechanics, a company can make their workers safer and more efficient. Our trained doctors can provide ergonomic recommendations that can make workers more comfortable at their jobs and increase their productivity.