Take a Stand for True Health

//Take a Stand for True Health

Take a Stand for True Health

I am tired of a system that people are so hopelessly plugged into! A system of lies and greed! One that is ruled by big pharma and the FDA who’s only interest they have in mind is the filthy pockets of the medical cartel!

This system has people so brainwashed for they will fight for it. They believe by the brainwashing they have been plagued to is the only way. This is the same system that in 1958 said smoking would not cause cancer and today makes the most bull shit claim that autism is not caused by vaccination… I am sick of this system of drugged up, doped up, ignorant sons of b****es….

It’s time to take people to a higher understanding and higher respect for the powers that made the body will and do heal the body from the inside out not the outside in so the ADIO principle will rise… It’s time to speak the truth.. People may reject it at first and it’s the rejection that makes one realize there is something different about this way of life.. It’s different… It will bring out the best in people allowing them to express their TRUE potential the GOD given potential to be healthy and LIVE!!! The movement is happening and the round pegs in the square holes become the accepted and the people rise and say “I am not going to take it” and health becomes what it was and is not a gift but a privileged to maintain through the powers of the gift from GOD…. Chiropractic!!!

We have nowhere to hide but the grounds to stand firm and hold true to our mission.. One at a time one at a time is all it takes to make the movement happen and the people slowly become un plugged in the system that has brainwashed them for years and time is NOW!! Take the stand and speak as if you don’t give a crap about the opposition that people may have.. Just do it! Just let the truth be told so no longer are the brainwashed People left with out HOPE!!